And Then It Rained Sideways

how to wear a turtleneck under a dress

green coat

And wet tights are the worst.  Ugh.  Spring.   You know my resolve is weakening when I don't even worry about putting my hood up and I just let the rain attack my curls.

What can you do?

Life is good albeit a little bit wet.  4th wettest March on record actually.

The goods news is that these winteresque outfits that I shot and am now finally posting are still relevant for today.

What I love about my outfit - black booties with matte black tights.  I love tights that are the same color as my shoes - gives the legs that long line we are all looking for.  I get my tights from Target.

black tights with black booties

curly hair

jaeket - Anthro.  oldie
dress - French Connection.  oldie
turtleneck - Everlane
boots - Kelsi Dagger c/o.  similar

photos by Angie.


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