Style In the Midst of the Mist

warby parker reading glasses

Because today I put my winter coat away, and then I got it back out again. 

It's still a lot of sipping coffee and cozy fur, even at the end of March.  This is what makes Seattle culture what it is.  We have amazing coffee shops in this city.  This one happens to house KEXP, you can sit and listen to actual radio DJs, yes those still exist.  They also hosts different award winning coffee from around the region and pour their shots off of the most gorgeous La Marzocco machines.

And just because it's cold and drizzly doesn't mean you can't have style in the midst of the mist.  My fur vest and wide leg jeans have been a favorite pairing all season long and continue to be well into spring.  

What has been a wonderful edition to my wardrobe over the last couple of months is my black turtleneck.  I hunted and hunted for this gem.  I wanted it fitted but not too tight.  Lightweight material so as to be worn underneath pieces but not so thin that we see every little detail.  Quality that I could wear and wear without wearing out but not overpriced.  I finally found this one at Everlane, if you don't know this company you should.  I love their concept.  and this turtleneck is killer.  

A black turtleneck has such a good moody coffee shop vibe right?

fur vest

wide leg jeans
jeans - Anthropologie
turtleneck - Everlane
vest - Aritzia
glasses - Warby Parker

Photos by Angie, who also happened to be my coffee date.  Lucky me.

Take the time for some great coffee (or beverage of choice) in a "for here" cup and bring a friend along.  Imagine.  Here's to good conversation in all seasons.

My drink of choice is an Almond milk latte extra hot with a big splash of cream.  What's yours?


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