Stay Inn

Ready . Set . Slow

: Dig Inn.  Fresh fruit and locally crafted granola every morning in our room.

: My favorite was waking up to see my boys snuggled by the fire, with a view of the harbor behind them. 

: Can I always have my coffee delivered hot and how I like it when I wake in the morning.  sigh.

: Half full.  Perspective.  I really wanted to take these home with me.  I didn't.  I really appreciated the eco-ethos practices like eliminating trial size containers.  Of course I used my share of Malin + Geotz products - favorite was the peppermint shampoo in the steam shower.

:  When I learned of the full size kitchen in the penthouses I for sure packed cookie dough so we could have fresh-baked cookies and locally made ice cream for dessert.  

: Morning walk down to the docks.  Right?

: This moment filled me on so many levels.  I picked up locally made cheese and bread at the San Juan Food Co-op and we watched the ferries come in at sunset snuggled in blankets on the deck, while sipping champagne.  The boys were happily watching a movie by the fire right inside.  Holy Moly.

As I edit these pictures from our recent family weekend on San Juan Island, I can't quite believe how amazing it was.  I want to go back.  I just had to caption most of them because I have too much to say in one post.

What I love about this weekend escape is how relaxing it felt, even with my two boys in tow.  The San Juan Islands are completely accessible yet feel a million miles away from the bustle of Seattle daily life.  The only bummer was how sad we all were to leave.

We had the pleasure of staying at The Island Inn 123 West, a smart modern (they were the first building in the islands to be LEED silver certified), yet completely homey and comfortable, thought of every detail, boutique hotel in the heart of Friday Harbor.  When I say they thought of everything, I mean we felt completely spoiled, the level of detail was impeccable from the locally made granola and fruit plate every morning, to the delivered to your door coffee order by the owner herself and eco-ethos practices.  The staff was friendly and easy-going while making sure every details was covered.

We had a cozy fireplace, steam shower, gorgeous views of the harbor, and we didn't share walls with other rooms - ha!  Which with two loud children, this was such a bonus, we could be at ease that we weren't irritating all the other patrons.  Remember folks this was a family vacation.

Originally this property was slated to be condos and commercial spaces but in the economic crash of 2008, owner Misty had the idea to create this unique hotel property to save the space.  With her interior design background and unwavering persistence, she slowly transformed each room with original designs and interesting layouts.  Down to the throw pillows - it is her vision, even much of the art on the property was painted by her father.  I love the character and charm that she accomplished in this modern platform.

So the beauty of traveling to San Juan Island in the off season is that the room rates are less, and the crowds are too.  But the sun still shines an average of 247 days a year.  My recommendation, if you have a weekend escape in mind, stay in a "sweet" or penthouse at the Island Inn, let yourself be pampered in the best staycation style.  

How's that for motivating your Monday?


Thank you to VisitSanJauns and The Island Inn for providing our accommodations.


  1. Kirsty, we love that you visited the islands and had such an amazing quiet season experience. Thanks for capturing it in your blog!

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