4-way Friday, Springtime in Sneakers with Brooks Heritage

For our third round of 4-way Friday we wanted to give you all something different.  I mean I think the sneakers speak for themselves, Jenn and I just add whatever clothes we want.  But creating new content is the fun challenge we enjoy.

We chose to style our vintage inspired white court shoes with our favorite spring styles, and these for sure are my favorite yet.  Maybe because I am sooooo craving warmer seasons, but more so because the sneakers are so different than the rest of the Heritage line.  Who knew I'd fall so hard for a pair of white sneakers.  Brooks is that good.

If you want specific outfit details you can find them here 1, 2, 3 and 4.

In the meantime here are some fun behind the scenes moments, because honestly the best part of this ride is the belly laughs, and the free shoes, but really it's the laughter and adventure.  Who knows if we are truly that funny, but we sure think so.  There is usually almost always a wardrobe malfunction or undergarment situation to address, changing in a van, and lately torrential out of no where downpours.

And then there is convincing a bus driver to let us use his vehicle as the perfect prop.

Thank you so much to Brooks Heritage for letting us partner with you to spread the love on our favorite lifestyle sneakers.  If you haven't heard they are going back into the vault this summer.  So sad!  So I suggest you stock up.  I have.  

Clearly my video production skills are a work in progress, but you have to start somewhere, presenting...

Photos by Natalia.

Happy Saturday (because sometimes video editing takes an extra day to get a post done)

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