Mom Jeans, Plaid, and Platforms.

mom jeans


High waisted jeans and plaid for spring, this is Northwest at it's best.  The day didn't start out with a torrential downpour but we ended up in one, taking shelter under the overhang of a coffee shop.  And warding of our chills with hot velvety coffee.  Fitting as this may be since my shirt is from Filson's spring line - I prefer urban mom rather than outdoor enthusiast.

Of course I love the outdoors, but only if I have the right shoes.

Honestly though, Filson got it right with this shirt.  The fit is slim, with an slightly longer length, in the softest lightweight cotton twill.   And I love the orange and cream plaid print.  When Filson set out to create their women's line - they paid great interest to the fit and detail of their designs, creating pieces that are truly feminine and absolutely classic.  

This shirt is perfect tucked into some high waisted mom jeans, but I will also be reaching for it in the summer as a perfect light layer over shorts and a tank to ward of chilly evenings, and then of course come fall and winter, it's a no brainer.

This is a piece that is only going to get better with age.  Like me.

filson women's shirt

curly hair

mom fashion
shirt - Filson c/o
jeans - Mavi.  on sale here
shoes - 80/20.  old
necklace - Gorjana
white bracelet - Gorjana
wood ring - Queen Anne Frame
earrings - Lucia K. Jewelry



  1. Hi Kirsty - how did you find the fit on the jeans? I don't see any reviews on them. Many thanks

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