My Off the Shoulder Sewing Hack

I hadn't intended on sharing this in a blog post, but a lot of people have asked about this dress I recently wore.  So here is a glimpse into the workings of my mind. 

It's my sewing hack, which used to be called a DIY am I right?  But now we hack.  Which actually is much more my type of sewing style.

I grew up sewing with my grandma, but I'm not a perfectionist, I hate sewing hems, and often times the vision I have in my head is much greater than than the actual results, leaving far too much fabric carnage on the cutting room floor.  I'm a bit of a sewing renegade, I can't even tell you the last time I followed a pattern.

I've had my mind on an off the shoulder dress, except I couldn't find the right one and didn't want to spend the money.  So I started looking in my closet.  And I found an old dress, always loved the fringe bottom but not the top.  And a shirt in the giveaway pile.  Sorry Goodwill.

I apologize there is no step by step for this one.  When these wild hair ideas come into my head there is usually no time for photos, it's a therapeutic frenzy for me.  So, I cut the top off the dress, added a zipper.  Then I cut the bottom of the shirt off.  Again, I hate sewing hems and the bottom of the shirt is already hemmed.  I made it into a ruffle and sewed it on, using the button and button hole as the back closure.  Kinda smart right?

off the shoulder sewing hack

So there you have it.  Makes more sense why I talk with abandon about cutting the hems of my jeans.  Just do it.  

Thank you to my friend who snapped a few in the moment Iphone pics. 

I've also been experimenting with the font size of my blog, do you like it bigger?  or back to small?

And thank you all for reading my blog!

and for those who don't want to hack, this is my short list of faves...


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  1. Thank u teach us because this blog very useful for all. Because your sewing style is good. Keep sharing and posting