Taking the Time.

(photo by Angie)

I have a thing for watches and what they represent.

So it's no surprise I love the new campaign by Timex to #taketime.  Taking time and being in the present is so important to me, and I so often fall short.  This watch is a reminder to me to take the time for the moments in life.  The sweetest moments are often ordinary and brief.

When I received my watch from Timex, what caught my breath for a moment was it's name, Peyton.  Which also happens to be my son's name.  Love that coincidence and love that reminder.

In the blink of an eye my boys have gone from this,

family photos
(photo by Kristen)

to this.

(photo by Angie)

Recently I commented how well our days go when we have "no agenda"  I know this isn't always realistic but my goal is to build in "no agenda" time as much as possible.  And let that be ok.  Which is more the battle, in my head.  Lately, I have been on a mission to get my children on board with chores and contributing.  So ok balance is necessary.  Because I want team players and a picked up house, but I really want to soak up as much as I can of who they are right now and who they are becoming.  I need to be a part of the no agenda time as well.

My friend pointed out, how much longer with they play pretend with abandon?  Forever!...says this momma's heart.  Ugh.

So that's my ramblings.  It's simply Tuesday today.  Just a few thoughts that I've had.

I'd love to hear how to you accomplish balance?

Hope you all take time today.


My watch was provided by Timex, all ramblings are my own.

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