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Well I don't often wear my hair on top of my head because it just doesn't work.  I always want that effortless top knot look, it's just not effortless for me.  And not the good type of messy.  Really.

My hair doesn't typically like to be pulled straight back, it's like telling it what to do.  It doesn't listen and rebels with a lot of frizz around my hairline and crown.

This look came together with the use of Seven Salon Haircare and I couldn't be more pleased.  It is my best attempt at a half top knot.

Using second day hair I smoothed the top with a small amount of polish balm, I also sprayed it with a tiny bit of dry shampoo to give it texture (side note:  I have never used dry shampoo before because my hair doesn't get oily but I like what it adds for texture, who knew?)  and a spray of working hairspray.  Then I lightly ran my fingers thru and tied it back.  Finally another quick spray of hairspray to keep those crazy little hairs in place.


What do you think?  Any tips for me on top knots??

Photos by Angie.


Seven Salon graciously provided me with their haircare products to try, the opinion and results are all my own.

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