Father's Day. Fishing with Filson, and Bubble Gum.


And now...

This is how legends are born.  Those memories that get bigger and better with age.  Watching daddy catch a fish for the first time.  Feeling the slimy touch of the scales and releasing it back into the stream to swim away.  The first fish caught with daddy's help.  Casting on their own and daddy watching as they catch their first fish.  Whoa, this last one hasn't happened yet, let's not get ahead of ourselves.  We are still beginners.  

But there is always luck.  Only I'm told it's much more skill. 

Skipping rocks and chewing bubble gum.  The sugar kind folks.  Because we are 7 and 8.  Yes, the success rate would most likely increase without the rock skipping.  But again we are 7 and 8.  And this is what fly fishing currently looks like.

There's nothing like a daddy adventure.  I love the light in my husband's eye when he gets to go fishing, and I love the light in my boys' eyes when they get to join daddy.  

There were no fish caught this time, the rivers are running way too high.  And we may have come close to piecing an ear, thankfully that overgrown hair buffered the hook.  True story.  But a new skill was learned of blowing bubbles.  So I'd say success.  

I know that the Filson gear given this Father's Day will be around for all the fishing trips that lay ahead.  The fish caught and not caught, and whatever new skills learned a long the way.  What I love about Filson is the dedication to material, technique and quality that gives their gear the ability to stand the test of time, and only get better with each memory.

For sure I am not going to think about this longer than it takes to write this sentence - oh this momma's heart - but I envision this fishing pack coming out years from now, when perfect lines are cast, in the hands of my grown men, and all the memories captured in that gear drifting lazily by as they laugh about "remember when..."  


Ok back to being 7 and 8.  

Happy Father's Day.  You can see all of Filson's Father's Day Gift Guide here.

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Happy Father's Day Nick.

If you live in the Pacific Northwest, the Filson Flagship store has two awesome events coming up this month.   Filson Outdoor Fest June 10, 2017 and Father's Day Leather and Embossing Workshop.

You can also check here for events in your local area.

Finally, you can see another rad Filson Dad here.

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This post was in partnership with Filson.  All the adventures (and opinions) are our own.


  1. One of my earliest memories was on the dock at our lake house where we too got a hook almost to the ear. It hooked on the bright orange life vest instead. Down by the lake catching fish is a good way to build memories. Happy Father's day early to Nick. Great post K!

    1. This is too funny! glad it was the vest instead. and I love your heart :)

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