Seattle Sewn, Continuing the Story of Fashion in Seattle.

I am a huge believer in eating local and shopping local but when it comes to locally made fashion, this has been a struggle.  And not because Seattle is void of fashion, seriously enough of that.  Sure we may tend to rock certain unmentionables more than necessary but we have also launched amazing fashion movements.  The grunge style of the 90s was revolutionary and can still be seen in todays hot trends.  Not to mention being the home of Nordstrom, Filson and many awesome indy designers.

But we presently do not have the manufacturing industry to design and make many of these items locally.  Enter Seattle Sewn.  An incredible vision to create the manufacturing process in one space, the ability to dream it up and create a line - all on the same city block?  


Bonus, this initiative not only puts Seattle back in the running, it also creates jobs and skilled training, and continues Seattle's story of entrepreneurship and creativity. 

Want to be a part of the Fashion Evolution?  There are a few tickets still available for tonights fundraiser.  

It's at the Riveter.  

And will include local designers... 
Freeman - their raincoats are in select guest suites of the newly restored Theodore Hotel. 
Prairie Underground - enough said.
Nube 9 - part of the hip eco-friendly movement. 
Ash & Ames - Dina Wampold.
Silvae - former IDRS contestant and currently available at Rizom in Belltown.
and Filson - manufacturing many of their goods in Seattle for over 100 years.


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