Summer '17 Instastories

I love Instagram for it's curated photos and witty comments.  What I love about Instastories is how true to the moment it can be.  Instastories is a bit more unplugged, less is left on the cutting room floor.  Edits are minimal and posting is prompt.

This summer as a family we have committed to adventuring, soaking up as much of every moment as we can, while we can.  Getting outside, gathering more with friends, planting an urban garden, heading to the farmers market, exploring Seattle, even camping.  Yes, this last one is crazy for me.

My hope is to blog about as much of it as possible, but often times life gets in the way.  And this summer I am okay with that to some extent, because my boys are growing ever too fast and I want to be present.

In the meantime, this is my stream from yesterday's Instastories and you can follow along on my Instagram to see more.  Please do!  and share your thoughts and adventures with me.  I'd love to know what summer looks like for my readers.  

Happiest Summer!

thank you for reading,

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