Summer in Seattle, Dating My Husband

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Summer in Seattle is what we endure all the gray and rain the rest of the year for.   Because when the sun comes out and shines upon this land that has received record amounts of rain, its magical.

As in any area, there is simple yet amazing experiences to be had, if we only stop and take the time.  Some people are so good at this.  We tend to be homebodies, and non-planners.  So you know - best laid plans are never laid down, and end up passing us by.

So this summer we are soaking up Seattle as best we can, both family adventures and dating my husband.  Recently Nick and I had the opportunity to experience the ZooTunes Tasting Flight at Woodland Park Zoo.  It was a beautiful summer evening, we packed a picnic and prepared to taste over 30 different wineries, all while listening to KEXP DJ's and even wandering our way through parts of the zoo.  And bonus - proceeds benefit the zoo.  

It was so much fun, and such a lovely way to spend time with my husband.  The setting was a perfect mix of laid-back lounging - picnicking while sipping bubbly rose (yes I found bubbles amongst the wine), and eventful - hello Grizzly Bear brothers and spotting Snowy Owls.  

ZooTunes is a wonderful part of Seattle in the summer, there are still limited tickets available - get your favorite group together, pack a picnic or grab your favorite takeout and spend an evening on the lawn listening to tunes.  And help save the animals.

zootunes tasting flight

What are you doing to soak up your summer?  

Thank you for reading.

Thank you to the Woodland Park Zoo for providing this experience.  Seattle summer at it's best!


  1. I hope Nick was a good date and paid for the date!...and tipped the babysitter;). So I'm thinking you guys went to the zoo so your ready for a dog now?! Anyways summer is splashing good down here in LB. Come visit. Love the blog.

    1. Grandma babysit! Missing LB so, P asks every day to go down there - mis syou!