7 Favorite Winter Hats under $40. How To Turn A Bad Hair Good.

There are so many fun hats to choose from right now.  If you love it, just wear it.  Confession, the hat I am wearing above is actually supposed to be a scarf, but I love the statement it makes on my head.  And bonus points for closet versatility. 

I am a hat girl.  Besides turning a bad hair good, they keep you warm, and easily add style and interest.  Fashion meets function.  Love this intersection.

So, because baby it's cold outside,  and some places are even having blizzards while we just get drizzle.  Blizzard.  Drizzle.  Try saying that 5 times fast.  I thought I'd share my winter favorite hat styles under $40.

 Happy 1st Friday of 2018 woohooooooo.  It also happens to be my Dad's birthday, one of my favorite people on the planet.  It's a good day.


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