Street Cred (Or In My World, Playground Cred)

Well first, yesterday on the blog I wrote that TODAY I was going to share my hoodie with jeans.  And here we are, I did!  Just taking a moment to celebrate this tiny victory.  

The back story:  yesterday I shared some workout wear that just might be being sported all day long.  In fact, yesterday it actually was worn all day.  Power of suggestion I guess, and power running errands.  Let's be honest, it was just comfortable, and the errands I was running required lifting bulky merchandise and dirt, yes dirt.  aka Soil.

For this outfit I am styling the same hoodie outside of working out.  I love pairing it over another thinner hoodie.  Layers create versatility, and warmth.  Because baby it's cold outside.  Whenever I figure out a great new layer pairing, it's a fist pump "yessssss."  It's a fun challenge to me to figure out new ways to wear what I already own.

What I also love is the subtle stripe texture in the fabric of this hoodie.  It's unique and gives this jacket interest other than just plain black.

You could easily wear this outfit with sneakers.  But I wanted to also show that this casual look works just as well with fur boots.  

And because yesterday Jenn and Angie were in my photos, I thought I'd share how they are taking the workout wear to the streets.  

hoodie - Brooks c/o
white hoodie - old.  similar
jeans - old.  similar
booties - old.  I added the fur myself

put the whole outfit together here.

Happy Thursday.


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