Workout Wear and Watering.

workout wear style

This post seemed appropriate to share today as lets be honest my workout wear is making cameos into my every day wear more than normal as I crawl my way back to reality this week.  Daily routines and schedules, sack lunches and regular workouts.  Alarm clocks.

I detest alarm clocks.  Dramatic?  Yes.  But honestly, every dark winter morning when the alarm goes off I'm saying "we're not gonna make it."  Sheesh.  Of course we will.  And it's time to blast a little twister sister, am I right?

Alarm clocks aside, there is something liberating IMO about January.  To me it's a new slate, all of a sudden I am itching to put Christmas decor away to create a clean inspired palate in my home, going through my closet (stay tuned for poshmark updates)  and even meal plan.  Yes really I swear!  I am so inspired by Smitten Kitchen and Sprouted Kitchen right now.

Both of their cookbooks are on my birthday wish list.

For a girl that hates change, I love the changing of the season.  There is a time for everything and everything a season.  I love the rhythm it creates.

I shot these photos with two of my favorite mamas, Jenn and Angie are not only hilarious but beauties inside and out with awesome style.  They totally get the thick of all things mom.  Like the simple text that needs no backstory, yet they totally fill in with the exact right emoji.  And possibly a well placed swear word.  Solidarity. 

We all believe in the importance of taking deep breathes, getting our blood flowing and that endorphin high.  Even if we choose different workouts to do it.  Filling ourselves up so we can pour it out for those we care about.

What I also love about these two women is their whole-hearted belief in a positive body image, and the way the are modeling this for their daughters.

We are all outfitted in some of our favorite Brooks gear.  Their new Levitate shoes have me feeling like I am walking on clouds.  For real they made an appearance more than once during the holiday marathons.  Plus my hoodie that pairs so well with workout wear and my favorite jeans.

Tomorrow I will show you how we gave our workout pieces street cred.  Or for some of us, ahem, at least playground cred.

brooks levitate sneaker

bar method
also wearing this sportsbra, which I love.  It's perfect for low impact workouts like Bar Method.  

One of my favorite mantras right now is "whatever gets watered, that is what's gonna grow."

Community.  Positive Self Image.  Our Health.  What are you choosing to water?

So that's it.  Good luck getting back in the swing of things.


photos by Jessica.

This post was done in partnership with Brooks Running.  Thank you Brooks for aiding in the New Year motivation.

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