My Name Is Poler, & I Like Warm Hugs.

My husband nailed it this Christmas, not only did he remember to get me the Napsack I had been gushing over when we visited Poler, but he managed to get Mother Nature on board too.  Some thought he was crazy, but he knows me well, and I love this gift.  It's my dream of wearing a comforter on my back, outside of bed.  And it's gonna be perfect for camping, school pickup, anytime I need a warm hug.  

We had a magical white Christmas in Seattle.  How pretty and calm and quiet the city became. 


Off to dream of sugar plums, why do we have to save that only for December?



  1. How do you manage to keep your hair looking beautiful in this weather? Mines is so dry at this time of year. And that looks like the most comfortable coat ever! If I had one, maybe I would be more inclined to go out and play in the snow again, like when I was a kid, lol.

    1. Terri,
      I have started deep conditioning my hair every other week with a thermal haircare heat cap. Currently I am using RawKyn clay mask but I'm still investigating. I like the results for how curly my hair is but it's not any softer. I also only wash my hair about every 4-5 days in winter and use lots of coconut oil and essential oils. But for sure I still have dry crappy hair days. Thank you for reading and leaving a comment!! xo kirsty