The Curl Files, Changing My Ways.

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If you follow me on instagram you may know that I have been changing up my curl routine.

And apparently y'all like my curls.  Aaaand I take a lot of selfies.  Ha!  My top 9 photos...

So I am promising to do better at sharing about my curl journey and process.

Starting today.

So why the change?
...It has been over a decade since I have changed up my go-tos when it came to my hair.  Why the change?  My curls were becoming dull and lifeless, lacking body and too tangly.  Plus I have been slowing removing chemicals from my house, now it's time to address my hair.

First step?
...The first step was a haircut, which you can read about here.   It had been 3 years, crazy!!

Next... I reached out to the curly community on instagram and I couldn't believe what I found.  So many curly girls AND new curl products.  I am so STOKED to see all these women embracing their curls, and sharing their curl journeys with the world.  I was inspired and motivated.  And some of the before and afters are Ahhhmazing.

And here we are.

My curl journey is still evolving, a work in progress.

But there are two big changes I wanted to share...
1.  discovering Bounce Curl, I am using the Shampoo, Conditioner and Light Creme Gel.  I am still trying out other styling products - I feel like my hair needs a teensy bit more hold, but I am so happy with the results from Bounce Curl.  My hair is lighter, less weighted down, softer and curlier, there just seems to be more spring.

2.  how I am applying my conditioner, run the conditioner through your hair in sections until it is completely smooth and slippery.  No more brushing, and I was previously dedicated.  I know I'm so behind, but I was using the brushing after my shower to achieve the smoothing effect that i now do in the shower with the conditioner.  I mostly use my hands in the shower but if my hair is extra dangly I have a wide tooth comb, that I GENTLY use while conditioning.  Then rinse.  And the important final step is applying my Light Creme Gel when my hair is dripping wet.  You can read more about that here.  I am a believer.

I promise to share more as I discover new products I love and ways to care for curls.  Next up I will attempt to share some of my favorite naturally curly resources that I have been compiling.

In the meantime I'd love to hear about your hair journey?  No matter what type, it is about embracing our beauty and celebrating it.

Happy Friday,

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