Overalls And A Tie Front Blouse

peasant blouse and overalls

free people overalls

velver headband

These overalls are a new piece to my wardrobe and a great example of why you have to TRY THINGS ON.  Yes I am yelling.  Why?  I was reminded recently that there are so many women who hate to shop.

I forget because I admit, it's honestly one of my favorite past times.  Right up there with eating ice cream, spa days, drinking champagne.  Friday night movie night with my family.

So I saw these overalls on the hanger and thought, hmmmm not sure how I feel about that high waste in an overall aka no mullet tuck to hide behind, that will NEVER work on my butt.  Fast forward two months, and back in the store I decide to try them on.  Clearly you can see that they came home with me.  

So moral is, to go shopping and try things on.  If they work, score!  If they don't it just means that piece of clothing was not made for you.  It's not you.  It's not you.  It's not you.  Clothes are not one size fits all.  And shopping is not always gonna be successful, more often than not, it's not.  I try on a lot of clothes.  I buy very few.

I like to think of shopping as the thrill of the hunt.  The challenge of finding a piece that checks all my boxes.  

A note on my shirt.  I love the tie-front collar on this blouse and the gold metallic detail, subtle enough to wear well past the holiday season, when all I want is sparkle, but why shouldn't January shine to?  Plus I love this clothing brand for the dedication to lowering their carbon footprint and all their awesome designs.   This is on my vacation wish list.

overalls - Free People (they run large, I went down a size)
shirt - Gypsy05 c/osimilar
headband - Kitsch, Queen Anne Dispatch.
earrings - Lucia K. Jewelry

Since I love shopping, my hope is to make it easier for you to find items you love, or are at least inspired to try.  But even more so just to love yourself and feel confident in your own skin, that is why I blog.  and what an honor.

thank you for reading

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