That Valentine's Day Mixed Tape...CD...er Playlist

Well I happened upon these old photos that I had forgotten to post and it struck me as a fun coincidence as today being the day we celebrate LOVE and what is the quintessential Valentine love gift?  The good old standby mixed tape.  Both thoughtful and thrifty - those compilations of favorite shared songs.  Those combinations of musical notes that evoke all the memories.  Songs totally do it for me.

Today in the car an old school love ballad came on that immediately transported me back to the roller rink, YES rollerskating I'm not kidding, and that skinny girl with the big teeth, big feet and even bigger hair desperately - well what felt so desperate at the time - longing to be asked to couples skate.  AND then I realized that this was in elementary school, which is what my two children are in.  WHAT??  There's no way.  And for the record, no one ever asked me to couple skate.

Their loss!

Just to be clear I am NOT old enough to have made mixed tapes for Nick, even I can't imagine how long that would take to do, but for sure I have burned a few CDs in our journey.  I think we still have them in the car along with the Tim McGraw CDs that I banned Nick from playing for the last decade after two solid years of country music themed road trips.  I'm not gonna hide it - we did play "You Think My Tractor's Sexy" at our wedding, and I still love it.  You know that CD case above the visor?  We still have that.  That's where they all are.   Me - a field trip mom (in Seattle, where school buses apparently aren't for driving to field trips, rather parents are, hmmmm) when I put the visor down to shade the sun the kids make funny remarks like what's that?? why do you have CDs in your car?  Well kids...

I heard best buy has stopped selling CDs.  First I didn't know anyone still bought CDs??  Second, wow the end of an era.  Am i right?

I spent 30 mins or so the other day making myself a Spotify account.  Having been inspired by a couple of songs I had heard that day I was all excited to put together my first playlist in the few minutes I had before school pickup.  But then after several frustrating minutes I realized that if you don't have the premium package, Spotify takes the liberty of adding in suggested songs to your carefully curated playlist.  So Good Old Days became East Atlanta.  Ugh.  At least I think that is what was happening.  I gave up.  No playlist.

A note on my outfit.  Anyone else getting a wee bit tired of winter wear?  but I am also trying hard not to invest in too much more warm clothes - I know warmer days have to be a coming soon!  And I soon will have a spring wish list much longer than I can justify.  One way I like to mix things up is by taking a summer dress and layering a turtleneck and tights underneath.  I think it works.  I also like wearing tights and boots the same color.

Just a few rambles.

Spread love today, everywhere you go, sing it from the top of your lungs.  And love yourself, that skinny awkward child inside.  It's what the world needs.

And maybe make someone a playlist.

Happy Valentine's Day,

photos by Angie.


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