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I wasn't sure what to think when Wash Day Wonder came in the mail.  Another step to add to my wash day process?  And to be honest my hair doesn't get super tangly so I wasn't sure what benefit I would get from this product.

wash day wonder

First: What to do...use this product as a pre-wash.  Once your hair is wet you use it as you would your conditioner to detangle and create slippery locks, gently smoothing it through sections of your hair until your strands are sort of like wet noodles.  No really, this was an example I heard recently and I was like - yep, totally.  I just use my fingers to detangle but a wide tooth comb would work as well.  Rinse.  Then continue with shampoo and conditioner

What I liked:  it makes my shampooing much more effective with less shampoo needed.  My hair is easier to cleanse and I can get to all the inside layers.  Who knew?  I also like that I need less conditioner as well because again, my hair is already slippery and detangled, I am simply smoothing my locks with conditioner. 

So instead of my hair being smooth, detangled and slippery at the end of my shower, it happens at the beginning.  I didn't realize this would be helpful but it most definitely is.  I especially like this because prior to Wash Day Wonder, I often felt like I couldn't effectively massage my scalp which is so important to stimulate blood flow and hair regrowth.  Since I only wash my hair every 4-5 days I gotta make it count.  Grow hair grow! 

Curious if any of you have tried this new product and what your thoughts are?  You can see more of my curl posts under "the curl files" 

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This post is done in partnership with Deva Curl.  I only share my own opinions.  I would love to hear your feedback as well!

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