Finger Coiling. How I Style My Curls On Wash Day

Gosh I have been promising a curly hair styling tutorial video for so long, it's embarrassing.  But I just never felt like I had my act together enough to film and edit a video, and post it (well that part might still be the case.)

And had that perfectly placed bathroom plant.    

finger coiling curly hair

Then one Saturday, the lighting was so right, isn't it always about the light?  I had just washed my hair and was inspired mid product.  So in my pjs, no makeup on I propped my phone up on my vitamix - highest contraption I could find, and I filmed.  

The kicker... my video only exists in instagram.

How to watch it.

1.  go to @thekirstyfiles on Instagram,

2.  In my profile highlights it's called "wash day style"  ( I think you can only watch on your phone or Ipad - I know BIG eye roll.)

See not so bad?  and if in the meantime someone can teach me how to upload the video that would be grand!

cheers to babysteps.


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