Spring Hat Edit

I am heading to NYC the beginning of next week to work with a salon brand on a curly hair product launch, whhhhhhat?  I bought this hat in preparation, because I plan to spend every extra second shopping and eating - NOT washing my hair.

Hats make the most wonderful travel companions.

Hats also hide bad hair days, offer sun protection and elevate style instantly.  I love hats.

There are so many fun versions right now so I thought I’d share my 4 favorites in hopes to inspire you all to try more hats.  Or keep up the good work.

My spring hat picks...

The fisherman’s cap.  Other variations are newsboy cap, engineer cap, bakers cap.

I am super excited about this style.  This is the one I am wearing in the photo above.  This particular hat is white wool, the perfect mix to wear year round and I plan on it.  I wore it with wide leg jeans and an off the shoulder top the day I got it - pulled it right out of the box and wore it, sign of a winning purchase right?

Wide rimmed and woven.  Fedoras.  Straw hats.

If you're local to Seattle- all 3 of these hats are in my shop right now.  Come visit us on Queen Anne, maybe you will find a few things you can't leave without.

If you're not nearby, I found a few similar online.  Here are my picks...

Happy Happy Hats!


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