I Whaley Like This Dress

AYR silk trench dress

It's just where I am at right now, strolling through impressive artistic sculptures one minute, making waffles and battling teeth brushing the next.

Regardless of the circumstance, when you put on that certain item of clothing and it has the ability to elevate your state of mind, this dress is just that.  It makes me feel sophisticated and lady like, it's the type of piece that never ends up in a pile on the floor, like so much of everything else in my house.

I just want to strut my stuff.

And I will pull this piece out of my closet for years and years to come.

Those are the best kind.

And when I find items like this, I don't feel the need to buy anything else.  Which I hugely appreciate as I am thinking through my purchases more than ever.  Not just because I am on a budget, but because I am more and more conscious of the toll fashion is taking on the environment - thank you to a certain 2nd grader who is studying whales.  I want pieces that are going to stand the test of time, and I am willing to spend a bit more for this reason.

This dress is from a brand called AYR which stands for All Year Round.  Don't you love that?  Versatile, classic, well tailored and superbly thought out styles that work all year round.  Their jeans are also fabulous for all your ASSets, and these overalls - on my wishlist.

Major bonus is that this dress also doubles as the most fabulous light weight trench, as I wore it here and coming soon to the blog.

blonde curly hair

dress - AYR c/o.


photos by Courtney.


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