I've Got The Party Pants, & Shirt...Now I Just Need A Party.

naturally curly long hair

palm leaf print pant

sarah alexandra shirt

Brunch.  Work.  Date Night.  Ladies Night.  Blog Events.  Ice Cream.  Coffee Dates.  Cocktails.  Summer BBQ.  Dinner Party.  Garden Party.  Window Shopping.  Shoe Shopping.

I love this outfit.  It's the type of outfit that makes me think of everything fun.  Oh the places I shall go in palm print pants and the perfect tailored shirt.  

I've got the perfect outfit covered.  Now that calendar...

And who wants to join me? 


pants - Traffic People, Queen Anne Dispatch
shoes - Dolce Vita, old.  similar

similar palm print pants here...

And these pants have a matching top, seen here.

photos by Courtney.

Happy Tuesday.

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