Flowy Florals and Blurry Twirls


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One of my favorite parts about traveling to other towns, or just other neighborhoods in my own city, is visiting the local shops.  Partly because I am a local shop owner and I know the blood, sweat and tears, late nights, and utter vulnerability that go into owning your own business, but also because I love a great find, and even better when there is a story and connection behind what I am buying.

This dress is from a local boutique on Main St. in Bothell.  When I asked the owner how she chooses her pieces, she said she thinks of Sex In They City and makes sure she has something that would fit each of the women's style.  I loved that.  She also takes special care to find pieces that women will feel comfortable in while still flattering their figures.  I also love that.

And I love this dress.  It's a perfect mix of youth and sophistication.   I love the flowy fabric and nostalgic floral print.  I simply add in some layered gold necklaces and a choker to edge it up a bit, that was all it needed.  I really like that this style dress, with the gather tie at the waist, doesn't need a belt.  I love belts, but sometimes I just don't want one.

You just can't help but twirl, even if it's at sunset and the lighting is just right for blurry twirls.

Or perhaps you just need glasses like me and this is normal.  ha!  So squint away my friends.  

dress - Johnny Was c/o Selyn, find here
shoes - Dolce Vita, similar
choker necklace - Stella & Dot c/o
gold necklace - Gorjana c/o 

And just wait till you see this dress as a kimono.  coming soon...

Photos by Courtney

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