Setting My Summer Intentions, Sort of.

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brooks womens running shoe

black running shoes

For a girl who hates change I love the changing of the seasons.  This was probably the hardest part about living in SoCal, not having four distinct seasons.  It's sort of hard to believe as it's June and rainy that permanent sunshine isn't my thing.

But the change of seasons invites so much ritual into our lives.  It's a time to set new goals and start new adventures.  Change up our menu, and pizza toppings.  Create season specific memories...yet right now my mind is swimming - so many things I want to accomplish.  The summer let down was BIG this time, a combination of a packed calendar, failing technology and a certain boy turning 10.

Also, do you ever notice when you're tired small things in life can feel insurmountable?  It's amazing what a good nights sleep can do, or is it good night's?  currently too tired to google it. 

We are almost a week in and I am finally feeling ready to breathe it all in, and hopefully not miss a single minute...so this is what I am inviting into my life this summer...

Summer Salads

Stretching each day. 

Clean out my closet more more more, give stuff away, sell a few things, organize. 

Drink more water.  Always.
Start my morning with a cup of Moringa tea.  Hear it helps with mind and inflammation.  Read: not a spring chicken anymore.

Camp, and adventure. 
And gather with friends.  Have people over more.  Make s'mores, how cool are these kits??  Hmmmm we also bought a 1977 Tioga camper, so there's that idea. #staytuned

Organize.  I am starting with this, one for each kid, so we can add anything that any of us would like to save, ticket stubs, drawings, gum wrappers - no joke, team photos...all the things currently in random piles around our home, and it will be contained, and like a scrap book without a lick of colored paper.  All good.  The baby books that never happened.  No guilt.  No guilt.  No guilt.  Also note, not on this list to begin baby books....maybe next year.

Work on my gallery wall.  It SWIMS through my head all the time.  Oh and did I mention I own a custom frame shop.  It's almost like I have too much at my fingertips.  Analysis by paralysis, or something like that.

Did I mention Organize - oh wait, I forgot to mention the next step is this gal.  She's gonna slowly work my life into shape.  I LOVE her mission - Creating a space to enjoy while on your journey.

Devotions with my kiddos, this one particularly while drinking chocolate milk and sprinkles.
Also this book with my kids (and if you live near Queen Anne in Seattle shop local - find this book at Queen Anne Frame aka shop!)  This summer mom stuff is an entire blog post in itself, coming at you maybe tomorrow.  maybe.

much less plastic.

& Clean beauty - Violet Beauty please, also this concealer seems to good to be true, can it really replace my Cle De Peau??

Make jam with my mother in law.

Write just one actual hand-written card to someone, just because they inspired me in some way.  Baby steps.

A note on my outfit.  This entire look is Brooks.  While I set here and type my intentions for the next 9 weeks, yes summer is now only 9 weeks, it seemed so fitting to post photos of this shoot.  The essence of Brooks is to be intentional in what they do.  I am so inspired by their company culture, and this outfit.  Brooks is a proud sponsor of the 2018 Special Olympics USA Games, being held in Seattle this July, you can find more info here.

I love this top, I've worn it as a workout tank and also with jeans and flip flops, the colors are summer at it's best.  These leggings won me over with their mesh detail, cropped length and high waist band.  And truth be told, I have been living in these black sneakers, all through the end of the school year - these were this mama's best friend...from field day to last minute teacher's gifts, I was in total comfort and style.

tank - Brooks c/o, on sale.
leggings - Brooks c/o.
sports bra - Brooks c/o, on sale.
shoes - Brooks c/o.

As I am typing this list I am reminding myself that I can remove any or all of this list, at any time, without warning.  And by no means should I make this my score card, but it does feel good to at least organize my thoughts. 

lots of grace & sleep, friends.  and lots of water.

Happy Summer and thank you for reading!  What's on your list?


photos by Angie. 

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