Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks - Sale Opens to All Today.

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale opens to all today.

I am finally getting around to scrolling through THE SALE, and even though I haven't been at the forefront of all the great scores - the sale open to card insiders last week but my life just wouldn't afford me the time - luckily there is still treasures to be found.

As I am earmarking my favorites...

I see that I am still super into faux fur.

I also see my favorite shoe picks are all very functional.  What?  but also very stylish.  Tops being work boots, snow boots, rain boots, sock booties and sneakers.  Wow how I've grown up.

And I want MY Denim high waisted and detailed.

And a lot of Blush Tones.

There is A LOT to search through in this sale, I wanted to share what I found, hopefully it will inspire you to fill in the gaps you were hoping to fill - did you even know you were missing STRIPED DENIM??... or maybe inspire a new look for fall - like a boxy orange corduroy jacket, find some great new basics, and replace those worn out but totally necessary foundational pieces - hello hanky panky and boulder holders.

So here are my picks....

Always start with the shoes, lots of these picks come in different color options too, they all sort of ended up blush but there are awesome reds and navy and burgundy, oh my.  click on the image to see shopping details...

foundational pieces, this is a great time to stock up on the pieces that support us best.  It was recently pointed out to me that this is the time to do it.  Duh!  The bra that just happened to be recommended by almost everyone I asked on instagram happens to be on sale.  Serendipitious?  Yes.  Spelled wrong.  Also yes.  Another note, high waisted workout leggings are the best.

Sweaters, oversized for sure, but also off the shoulder cool and professor chic caught my eye this time.

Jackets.  So many good ones, almost makes me want the fall.  Almost.

Dresses - I still love the flouncy and flowy, but how about this wrap dress?  And OF COURSE everyone should have that go-to jumpsuit in their closet.  In my opinion.

Underwear.  There are those of us that prefer thongs and those of us that don't.  I just do not.  but if I have to wear one - these are the only ones that will do.  the only ones.

Denim LOVE the side stripe and the side buttons, the buttoned up waist and the light blue wash...

This last week I had the chance to experience the Seattle Underground Tour, it was so fun.  There was reference to John Nordstrom, one of the first to return from the Yukon Gold Rush with his spoils, settling down to open his little shoe shop in Seattle at the turn of the century.  History is so cool.

finally the Coats...faux furs, camo, corduroy and puffy, hard to choose my very favorite, can you?...

Happy Friday, thank you for reading.

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