Oh The Places We've Gone.

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When I originally intended this post it was to talk about jet-setting in our favorite Brooks shoes, because they are so comfortable and quite stylish it just made sense, but they have become so much more.

They places we have gone, and all that we have done over the summer...in our Brooks.

Yes, we are travelers, but also shop owners, parents, baseball coach/cheerleaders, laundry doers, walking to ice cream goers, farmers market attenders, dinner makers.  Did I mention vintage-trailer reno-ing-ers?  Don't think that is a word?  Well it is definitely a verb.  And all of this has been done in these shoes.  My odds of kicking my to-do list in the butt greatly increases when these shoes go on...I mean they were designed to kick butt.

Wonder if they thought my to-do list would be a marathon contender?  

But it wasn't just the daily grind to-do list that made me reach for these shoes, this summer we have been more intentional with adventuring and exploring.  Shout out to raising two energetic boys to keep me active, and at times make me feel so worn out.  This summer has felt more quintessential than the ones before, call it having my first born turn double digits, and maybe that is also why it feels like it's going too fast.  Less inside, more outside - while our kids still ask us to join them.  I mean I have camped outside more than once, which means multiple times.  Seriously.  

Just wait for that blog post.

If you know me well you are probably laughing and not just because I am camping at my own will, but I am a shoe convert, if only Disneyland could see me now!  Who knew I would grow to appreciate a comfortable shoe so much.  But I also love that they don't scream running shoe.  The lightweight design paired with the stretch-woven material give these shoes easy street cred.  

Running track, laundry stack, luggage rack.  Ha!  good one right?   

I have easily worn these sneakers with summer dresses, denim shorts and my favorite denim.  And my favorite look includes one of my bff's high school hoodie.  Thank goodness I saved it over all these years, it's a treasure!  and she is too.      

brooks running shoe

workout leggings for everyday wear

hooded sweatshirt and jacket
I am wearing the PureFLow 7 shoe and Ghost Crop bottoms c/o
Nick is wearing the Levitate shoe and Track t-shirt c/o

Here I am acting like this is a done deal.  Summer is not over yet, there is still more adventure to be had.  Want to see where else we go in our Brooks shoes, follow my instastories.  We are gonna finish strong.

Photos by Angie.  

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