Bright, Stripe, Black and White.

long curly hair

bold accessories

black and white striped mules

buki cropped pant

Hmmmmmmmmmm pretty sure I haven't posted an outfit post all summer, I'm not gonna check because I don't have time, and I don't actually want to know.  I know it's been a very long time though because I can't think of what to type...

First lets start with THANK YOU for continuing to check in on this blog even if I have been scarce.  I have been sharing a lot of daily moments in my instastories, but I promise, with the fall fast approaching, and bedtimes back to a decent hour, I will be back at it.  Don't leave me now!

So despite my lack of outfit sharing, I have been reaching into my closet and wearing all the pieces that make me the happiest, with no particular justification needed.  And it's been so fun.  It's been a good challenge for me to make sure I get to all of those pieces before the sun fades.  Silly as it may seem, it puts such a pep in my step.  I truly hate hearing "I love this, but where will I ever wear this?"  Today.  Wear it.  

And wear accessories.  Summer style is all about color and pattern and texture and shine.  

Enter this outfit.  This is the power of Breat Gasics, also known as Great Basics (too good to correct), they can be taken so many different directions.  The best part about black and white is the ability to accessorize, and to do it boldly.  There is no room for boring.

I started with the shoes, obviously.  Always the best place to start.  These black and white stripe mules with a block heel, they were my purchase for the summer (if you are a 6.5, 7.5 or 10 they are 40% off here!) (few more sizes on sale here).  The rest of us can find them full price here.  

Then a bold earring...you can find it at my shop.  If you live in Seattle just come visit already.  

A big vintage bracelet.  And bright bold clutch - bought from a street vendor in NYC on this trip.

 All done.  Seems like it would be too much on their own, all these bold pieces, but together they work so well.  And what's the formula?  There isn't really one.  I do love the mixing of black and white stripes with neon bright colors but really you just gotta try it on and see what you think.  What is your gut saying?  Trust it.  Or phone a friend, the one who's got your fashion back. 

Oh geez I feel a soapbox moment coming on but I can't, it's too late....coming soon...

curly bangs

top - Buki c/o
bottoms - Buki c/o
shoes - Sam Edelman

Sweetest dreams...I am off to bed.

photos by Coco.

Thank you for reading!

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