Concocting A Cocktail While Camping. My Foraged Cocktail

So.  In a week, I will have camped 3 times this summer.  What???  It's been a major theme for Team Pap these warm weather months.  My boys ADORE it.  My husband seems to like it too, especially if fishing and dreaming of the land we will own one day with my darling cabin on it are part of the deal.

I, well.  There are definitely parts I can get behind, I love exploring the outdoors, cooking over a campfire.  Seeing the wonder in my children as we discover nature and the joy in s'mores for breakfast.  I don't mind not showering, and clearly hair washing is not necessary.  And bonus points if there is driftwood involved. 

I also have discovered foraged cocktails.  Right?  Camping doesn't have to be all dirt and nylon  ...there can be garnishes involved.  There should ALWAYS be garnishes involved.

blackberry vodka cocktail

foraged cocktail

I found wild blackberries (they grow on the ground and are smaller than the himalayan version we have growing in every alley and ditch in the PNW, and they taste delicious)  on a particular camping trip in July on Whidbey Island.  I also discovered, only too late, that stinging nettle is a companion of these berries.  Even more reason to have another cocktail...and to always pack hydrocortisone.  And to NOT forage in cutoff shorts and flip flops.

Potential names for this cocktail....

"Pass The Hydrocortisone."
"Camping Doesn't Have to be Ugly."
"The Lost Blackberries."
"The Happy Camper."
"Nexttime Wear Pants You Knucklehead."
"No Shower Necessary."

I could go on and on...

So besides a first aid kit, I always bring mason jars, ice, and vodka or gin if I'm planning on concocting a cocktail while camping.

What I did.  And there is no real recipe, just try it.  My hope is that you don't follow this too closely, more so that it inspires your own foraged masterpieces.

In a mason jar...
Gather wild blackberries, about half the jar.
Add Sugar (about 1-2T depending on sweetness of berries).  Add Some Vodka, about 1/2cup.  Shake it up.
Pour over ice.  Add Sparkling Water.
Garnish with a blackberry flower.
Makes about 2 drinks - if you've been stung be nettles, or 4 if you were smart and wore pants while foraging!

I was inspired by this book.  I carry it in my shop, so if you live in Seattle, come visit and by it locally.   I also sell these blankets.  So maybe even worth a plane ticket to the Emerald City, and come visit my shop.

And finally, which name do you vote for??

Happy Camping.

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