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First what is Pintura?

Think of it as Balayage for curly/wavy/kinky hair.  What is Balayage?  Since my computer doesn't seem to recognize this as a word maybe I should explain that it's painting color onto your hair, rather than foiling.  It tends to give a more natural look, and works especially well for the ombre looks that are on trend right now. 

Why Pintura?

And why it's the color technique of choice for my curls.  With the Pintura technique a  stylist paints the color paying careful attention to curl patterns and layers throughout your hair.  What I LOVE is that I still have depth and definition of my curls vs. all my hair being the same color and losing the definition that comes from highlights and lowlights, but it's a more even appearance.  Because my hair tends to lighten on top and then clump together to form curls, I can end up with dark patches exposed from underneath.

Just like cutting curly hair takes different attention and technique than straight hair, coloring curly hair needs similar attention.

See those oh so awesome before and after photos below...

pintura techniqueafter                       

Oh my look at all that gray!  I love how Alisha also darkened my roots giving me that just right amount of fabulously undone.

If you have curly hair and are in the Seattle area, I recommend Alisha at Haven Salon for both hair cuts and color.  Be patient though, she books out 4-6 weeks in advance.  That's a good sign she is worth it.

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