How We Treasure. DIY Mudcloth Inspo.

True facts about our family.

We adventure a lot.  And adventure can simply be in your own backyard btw.

We collect a lot.  And I mean a lot.  Nature is one of my favorite places to find treasures.  Consequently my boys have developed the same love.  Maddening at times, like how it looks as though we are preparing for a bonfire in the backyard everyday, but really it's just "perfect sticks."   but also exactly what I them to be, also found the perfect macrame stick in that pile just minutes ago.

So we only have one house, and it's lovely and more than enough, but it's not that big - yay city living.  And I'm not that organized.  But I'm creative.  So we are working on ways to celebrate our found treasures without drowning in them.

Goodbye Hoarders, Hello Masterpieces.

diy mudcloth pillow

I LOVE this idea for random treasures collected.  This would be a perfect idea to commemorate a vacation, or perhaps a week at the grandparents house - then you have their Christmas present, you're welcome. 

I let the boys do the stamping, this was 100% their design.  I LOVE that.  You could obviously stamp in more of a mudcloth pattern - like the other pillows on my bed.  Then I had them sign and date with a paint pen...because I'm a mom and that's my favorite part.  I made my own pillows but any plain pillow cover would work perfect for this project.  These are a few I like

Step one, collect all your found objects.  Our objects included a bone, pinecone, rock and shell.
Step two, stamp them. 
Voila DIY block print.

This Video gives you the basics on how to stamp.  The sponge is great because found objects are not going to be perfectly flat like a carved block print stamp.

Make sure you use water soluble fabric paint like this one

diy mudcloth

My littlest in his 3-5 yr old life, would crawl under the shelving and furniture at stores while I shopped, and find treasure.  The best place was Anthropologie.  So many sequence and buttons and feathers....smiling.

thank you for reading.


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