Farewell Summer, Fall Detox.

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I hope your summer was filled with lots of late evenings soaking up the very last minute of that summer sunset, over-indulging in s'mores, perhaps your favorite ice cream a time or two...or several.  LOTS of herbacious cocktails, or frose...skin kissed bronze by the sun (or your self-tanner AHEM), sandy toes and skipped showers in leu of clean hair and groomed nails.  Oh summer how we loved you so.

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Then the season shifts.  Which I also love...The Rhythm of Life.

However, I would NOT say we have transitioned well.  There have been lots of tears and tired back to school breakdowns.  But the anticipation of autumn is looming, snuggling in cozy blankets, reuniting with fall sweaters, drinking hot coffee again - farewell cold-brew until next year, sigh.

And perhaps a little detox from all the summer fun as we settle into our fall rhythm.

This is what I am talking about today.

mom spa day

Taking time to detox and reset intentions for the fall because if I'm gonna lead this ship, I need fuel, and a steady calm presence is amazingly helpful.  And by golly can someone teach me processes to get our routine and schedule in place.  Not my skill set.  This is VERY hard for me.  But that's a different post entirely. 

Back to Detox and Destress.  Recently I had the absolute pleasure of experiencing the spa at the Fairmont Olympic Hotel in Seattle.  Penelope and The Beauty Bar is a luxury spa located in the heart of the historic Fairmont Olympic Hotel.  This I can easily get behind.  What a treat!  Far beyond the world-renowned services and a wonderful staff that caters to all your needs - like digging through the day's garment bags to find your bra because you were so relaxed you got dressed and left the building without it.  Oh my gosh that happened you guys.  Favorite bra found! - it's also the time to sit and drink tea, look at a coffee table book just for fun.  Deep breathe.  Maybe bring a girl friend and chat, with no goal in mind but to relax, fuel up, find my calm.  Right?

Steer that ship. 

We all need to do this more often.

So what treatments did I try?  The Glow, which is a detoxifying body wrap...exfoliation then essential oil massage to help draw out toxins, then you are wrapped up in a cozy inferred burrito to sweat it all out.  Pretty much the best way to detox I have ever found.  Juice cleanse be darned. 

This is a welcomed treat during the fall transition.  A luxurious indulgence that eases the pain of busy schedules and tired tantrums, oh how I'm ready to go back again. 


Services were provided by Penelope and The Beauty Bar for this post. 

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