we heart accessories {scarves}


It's a widely known fact that we love accessories (after all, we're in the business of MAKING them}...
but there's more to our love for accessories than the perfect pair of earrings. What about the perfect scarf?, the one that goes great with that pair of earrings. We're not afraid to pair scarfs with necklaces and you shouldn't be either...here are just a few of our February Faves (and some other to look forward to for spring). 

                                                            {via}                                                                   {via}
                                           {via}                                                                         {via}
                                {via}                                                                            {via}

                                                 {via}                                                                                                  {via}

                                  {via}                                                                                                      {via}

it's not too late to sport a light weight spring scarf, perfect for layering OR pairing with your favorite Lucia K. piece.