we heart garland

One thing we heart heart heart -garland.  so many reasons to celebrate, so many shapes and sizes.  a great way to add a temporary and inexpensive pop of color to a neutral room, and diy easy! or lots of variety to buy.  really, just search pinterest. and seriously don't we all need more celebration of the every day in our life?  I think so.

lets organize by category, there are so many heart-worthy ones.

The wax paper and crayon variety.  you could do leaves for fall, or shamrocks for St. Patty's day...oh darling Martha, you make it seem so easy...two sore wrists, crayon shavings everywhere! and 1 ruined ironing board cover later {thankfully already in sore need of replacing} here was my attempt...

the felt variety...

felted balls which you can buy or felt your own

the paper variety...

festive words {picture something like this in the "chugga chugga choo chooooo" variety for a 4yr old's train birthday party - so doing this!  i should probably start now, might take me 6 months to cut out all these letters...who has a cricket machine??}

you can punch out and sew paper cardstock, of which the possibilities are endless!  love this etsy site if you just want to make it easy on yourself and buy it already made...

we made this one for a baby shower my best friend and I threw for our other best friend, she could not believe you can sew paper, really you can quite easily.

tassles {which ms. plume apparently made a fabulous one from dollar store finds and I have yet to see, maybe she will give us a guest tutorial}

one more paper idea  - that is going to makes it way to my boys' bedroom.  no surprise - love the vintage look of it.

the fabric variety...

bunting. oh how I heart you!

for both my boys' birthdays I made bunting loosely based on the diy pattern above 

each year so far, I have had them decorate the number of how old they are and I've added it to the chain.  of course I have dreams that I will continue this for years...

did I mention bunting yet??  with upholstery webbing, die.  and so inexpensive {like .49/yd}

this is one that Ali made, what a lovely way to greet people as they walk in her front door.

tulle - magical, enchanting, so ballerina.

flowers - everyone needs more flowers in their life!  hello May Day decor??

and in thinking outside the box...

everyday appeal, why not celebrate that its thursday! with wood veneer

so we really do heart a lot of garland around here, and these were just our very faves.  

seems fitting - garland decor is very much like adding a great necklace to your outfit.   we'll take it!

Happy Thursday.