quick beauty boosts {self tanner}

so on my recent sun-filled vacation, one of the most alluring parts was getting a sun-kissed glow.  however, two things kept me from complete indulgence, reading this article on the plane-ride down {oops or perhaps perfect timing} and being of the age where I can see wrinkles beginning on my face.

who doesn't love a good tan though!  and really, what a great way to give yourself a little boost, for those lucky few who are blessed with porcelain skin they can pull of the Nicole Kidman look, but the rest of us don't feel so flattered in pale right?

I did enjoy the sun, but with some thought...spf for face and body, sunhat, sunglasses, at times a shade umbrella.  it was in the high 90's!  {I know kind of a low spf for body, but my husband and I don't tend to burn and it was only for a couple hours at a time, that is my excuse}

these are my fave tanner tricks, to keep the skin-cancer and wrinkles somewhat at bay...

on the low end - Nivea Sun-Kissed Radiant Skin.  I like that it is subtle, in fact, you may need to do a few days of application to get the right color.  and the smell isn't obnoxious for a self tanner.  and you can choose your "skin color".

on the higher end - Tan Towel.  these are towelettes, that you rub all over the area you want tanned, great for face too.  the color is great and there isn't streaking.  they are more pricey but quicker results for sure.  make sure you wash off the palms of your hands and in between your fingers after application.  

for some temporary shimmer and shine - Michael Kors Leg Shine to Go Classic.  love the shimmer of this product, and the smell.  it has that classic gardenia-esque smell of Michael Kors perfume.  I find its great for the neck, collar bone, shoulder area.  for that little extra glow.  the smell can be a little strong for the entire body though.

finally - all over shimmer lotion - Fresh High Noon Freshface Glow {high end} and Bath and Body Works Select-a-Shimmer {lower end}.  Fresh smells amazing and is sulfate, phthalate, synthetic dye and fragrance free.  which is much more important to me than it used to be.  B&B is the classic from growing up right?  in fact, I haven't tried the select-a-shimmer packaging, I still have my old version.  love the sweet pea smell and the amount of shimmer is perfect for that summer wedding. 

or at the very least, add in some golden Tags for a touch of glow.

so those are my tricks.  and living in the Pacific Northwest, goodness knows we need them.  our summer days can't be beat, unfortunately they fleeting.

happy monday.


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