monday wish list

feeling slightly sluggish this monday morning.  I have never reeeealllly enjoyed mondays.  in my opinion, all the cliches are true when it comes to this first day of the week.

so here's to my wish list to motivate.  these are some of my current obsessions.  like a carrot-on-a-stick in front of me.  or more like sub a chocolate brownie for the carrot.

love the cat-eye retro vibe with the trademark Chanel leather quilting on the side.

rose gold with a hint of pink. chunky too.

definitely one of my all time favorite silhouettes and colors.  this is my for sure dream bag of the moment.

this lovely lignet roset couchy and ottoman thingy.  they have a showroom that I walk by on my way to bar method class.  modern furniture is the last thing anyone would expect in my house {including me}, isn't this awesome though!  I really really love it.  I think it would be so fantastically wonderful in a master bedroom {again if my bedroom were big enough to add this and a bed!}, place to snuggle and read a good magazine, or blog.  it would work so well with non modern styles.  it's like a shaped sleek yet comfy down comforter caterpillar.  well if I had the money to splurge on an item that would simply serve as a reading space in my bedroom, again a dream.

happy monday.

so lets get to work!


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