what i wore {quest for cookie recipe, trends, a little transparency, and a Sale!}

outfit #1 - a date with a friend at a favorite local bakery for my favorite chocolate chunk peanut butter oatmeal cookie, its super chewy with gooey chocolate chunks but crunchy edges.  so dang good. {anyone have a great recipe for this one???!!}

ok.  summertime in a white tank with this necklace makes me happy.  I wrote previously about this necklace, so I won't do it again.  it is so effortless and the stripes with the green screams summer no matter what the trends are.  {or course I do love trends don't get me wrong, see next outfit...}  not exactly the best shot of the necklace, perhaps I was doing jumping jacks prior to this.  I can't remember.  

trouser jeans - AG, Anthropologie
necklace - Lucia K. Caroline
hair-tie - see that blue number on my wrist, its these, they rock!  it was the best price and i got great grab bag colors.
toe nail polish - OPI "no room for the blues"

outfit #2.  we went to our nanny's {assistant/organizer/friend/confidant/etc} design graduation exposition.  she has taken care of my boys since I went back to work when my first was 5 months old.   lots of growing and changing has happened these past four years for us, and for her.  Super Excited for her future!  she will be missed though.

of course, I couldn't decide whether to tuck in my shirt or leave it out.

speaking of trends, I love the colored skinnies out there.  and I am even starting to love the printed jeans {think flowers, leopard, scary}.  I FINALLY found my pair.  thicker denim, not that summer-lightweight-not-working-for-my-behind-stuff.  and less expensive.  also really went for the platform shoe trend here too.  throw in leopard print.  really feeling it I guess. 

shirt - Zara
jeans - American Eagle
shoes - Kelsi Dagger {on sale!}, Queen Anne Dispatch
bracelet - Lucia K Caroline

last outfit is sort of a hybrid of the two above.  this one was for a buyers meeting to talk about fall stuff.  yikes really fall?  I have a lot of work to do.

tank top - 
blazer - Daughters of the Liberation, Anthopologie
jeans - American Eagle {in case you missed it the first time}
shoes - Kelsi Dagger, Queen Anne Dispatch

in the spirit of transparency {don't ask me why I felt like I should share this yikes!}...this is the lovely pile of laundry mess that was left waiting for my return.  it never ends right?

and lets just celebrate hump day and the first day of summer!  with a sale on my favorite summer pieces. the Caroline Flash Sale!  good till sunday.

linking up with Pleated Poppy today too.

happy wednesday.



  1. So glad you made it in your fab skinny jeans!! Your support/friendship/ear means the world to me!

    Love Sissa,
    your nanny (assistant/friend/organizer/confidant)

  2. You look great in your skinny jeans!!!!