the easiest table cloth you'll ever paint {a DIY}

I have been looking forever for a wide striped tablecloth, or fabric that I could make into a tablecloth.  nothing has caught my eye, especially nothing for a good price.

so I decided to take a chance at painting my own and I was so thrilled with the outcome, I thought I'd share.  I didn't get the best after shots - too busy enjoying the bbq.  and I didn't want to wait to wash it and reset the table to take more pictures before I shared.  

so here we go.

what I used:

1. an old Ikea curtain.  there are very subtle lines running down the panel {so I didn't have to measure where I was painting and its already hemmed -so no sewing here!}  you could also use a dropcloth.  both Ikea curtains and drop cloths {my mother in law made my tree skirt that I adore!! from one} are great ways to get durable cotton fabric at great prices, and often times already hemmed and ready to go.
2.  acrylic paint {I used Artists Loft brand}
3.  foam roller  {I used 3", you could do any size you desire.}

what I did.

just paint lines down the panel in a relatively straight line.  {again the subtle lines are a HUGE help, I'm horrible about measuring out and marking straight lines.}  at first I was going to do a more solid line, planning to do a second coat after the first dried.  but I really liked the uneven, almost faded denim effect of the lines.

then wipe up the floor from any paint that seeped through and hang to dry.

and the final result.

just take my word for it.  or come over and we can have brunch on my new striped tablecloth.  its gonna make lots of appearances this summer.  

hurry you could easily make this for the 4th of July.  its so easy just whip it out now.

happy tuesday.


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  1. Love this Kirsty! Thank you for sharing your creativity with us! Didn't know you had a 'blog'. Really like the idea! Happy 4th from Costa Rica!