what i wore date night - long or short?

time for a date night with my husband.  funny, I think the last 3 times I have posted a "what i wore" {wow! I have done 3 in a row} were events with my husband.  that's a good track record.  we aren't great about getting out of the house just the two of us.  our usual choice is to snuggle on the couch after the boys are in bed, catching up on our full DVR recordings eating dessert.  

but here we are going on a date, so what did I wear. I could not decide whether to go long or short with my necklace.  and well I can be pretty indecisive at times.

long and lean.

doubled up short.

I decided long, I mean short!  for most of the night.
top - old Anthropologie.  {dare I admit I even wore this during both pregnancies.  of course before I was in giant trimesters. its been a great top through all sorts of sizes.}
jeans - Citizens of Humanity
sandals - Frye, endless.com {these have quickly become my summer shoe of choice.}
neckalce - Lucia K. Navy Nora

so, which do you prefer, the Nora Necklace long or short?

outfit #2 - it really is trying to warm up in Seattle.  we have had some gorgeous days, when its nice in Seattle, it can't be beat.  and some rainy cool days.  or overcast trying to be warm days.  that is this outfit - overcast but trying.

dress - Anthropologie {last year.}
pullover - oldie, Nordstrom Rack
 sandals - Frye, endless.com {again.}
earrings - Lucia K. Copper Tag

goodness I love this headband.  its such a great color and great detail without being too much.  this vintage trim just gets me.  I think I've said this before but its true!

{its a party!  we have also linked up with pleated poppy and two thirty-five design.}

happy wednesday.



summer hostess gift and a fave drink

I recently made these for the end of the year meeting for MOPS {mothers of preschoolers}.  then I realized, on the tail of Memorial Day Weekend, aka the unofficial kickoff to BBQ season, this would also be a great hostess gift for all those upcoming summer bbqs and parties.

or really just to have on hand when you need some refreshment.  its delicious!

this is one of my favorite drinks.  the rosemary may sound a bit scary, but its the perfect way to cut the sweet just a bit.  for a more adult version, add a shot of vodka - perfect summer cocktail.

Sparkling Rosemary Lemonade
in a glass of ice add
1 part lemon simple syrup {recipe below}
3 parts sparkling water
squeeze in a slice of lemon 
add a crushed rosemary needle {or for more intense rosemary flavor, use a twig as a swizzle stick!}
garnish with a lemon slice.

Lemon Simple Syrup {from Martha Stewart}
2 cups sugar
2 cups water
Zest from 1 lemon
3/4 cup fresh lemon juice
Heat sugar, zest, and water on medium-high heat, until sugar dissolves.  bring to a boil.  let cool.  add lemon juice.  strain.  refrigerate up to 1 month.

I used organic sugar, which is why my simple syrup is more cloudy.  I found the syrup bottles at Cost Plus.  

Then I added a recipe card, with a tiny glittered lemon embellishment.  and made a matching label for the syrup.

I tied the card to a bamboo skewer and a twig of rosemary, so I could stand it up in the basket, and used the produce bags the lemons came in as packaging.  

the baskets I used were strawberry containers that I had saved, but you can find similar ones at Garnish.

I ran out of baskets for the last few so I used cellophane bags.  I cut out thick cardstock rectangles for the bottom {for support} and used double sided tape to stick the recipe card to the outside.

what a sweet treat this would be to drop off for a new mom, a friend, or maybe a neighbor.

find supplies here:
syrup bottles {salad dressing bottles} - cost plus world market
wood baskets - Garnish
cellophane bags - Target

Happy Tuesday.

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what i wore

last weekend we went to a charity auction to fight human trafficking.  it was very eye opening and a cause very much worth supporting.  please check out the link and be informed, this particular auction worked to raise money for safe-houses in Thailand.  it saddens me that there are such evil cruel people out there but there are also great people bringing hope to the world, and if there is a cause on your heart please support it.  any individual can make a difference!

what i wore...

skirt - Anthropologie {just bought it in-store on sale but its not on the website}
tank top - J.crew {realllllly old}
sandals - Frye, endless.com 

this is my new favorite skirt.  it can be worn tall, like above, in a sudo-maxi dress {can you tell its not a dress?}.  or you can fold down the gray part and have a maxi skirt.  or you can pull it all the way up into a strapless dress.  bright colors.  the right amount of volume so you can still take full strides and don't trip but doesn't add too much bulk.  super versatile and was super on sale.  win.

a mixed match of this and this bracelet by Lucia K.

I am having fun layering bracelets.  I wear my monogram bracelets pretty much every day and then add in others to suit my mood/outfit. 

my date for the evening.

and what I wore on a day of being mommy, running errands, chasing toddlers....

shirt - French Connection, asos.com {just last season but don't see it anymore, love the runway feature on this website}
jeans - Pilco and the letterpress {old from Anthro}
boots - Frye
bracelet - Monogram {seriously every day!} and also Lucia K, a wrap I've been working on...

did you hear that our sale has been extended!?  use code pearls25 at checkout for 25% off your purchase until 5/26.  

happy shoppping.

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lets just continue...

..the sale!

thank you for the great response to our Monogram Collection launch and our giveaway on Pearls for Paper.  its been so rewarding to hear all the stories and purpose behind these necklaces and bracelets.

so lets just continue the fun - 25% off your Lucia K Jewelry purchase through 5.26.12.  use code pearls25 at checkout.  {there are still a few samples in the sample sale too that would be an additional 25% off, just saying}

wondering if you won?  the winner will be announced next week {thank you for your patience!}

happy friday.




I've said this before, but one of the best parts of Lucia K is getting to see the way my jewelry is being worn by my customers {and all the fun they are having!}

a woman who owns Lucia K Tag Earrings told me that she puts them on and it makes her want to take more care in what she looks like, rather than her usual tendency of pulling on sweats and throwing her hair back.  how rewarding is it to hear you've helped someone take more pride in their appearance and taking care of themselves?  awesome.

here are the latest #myluciakstyle pictures.

Taylor Earrings in Red {which happen to be part of the sample sale!} LOVE them with the blue.

date night in Juliette Earrings.  so fun!

family pictures in Nora Necklace.  cutest family right?

Faye 3 Strand Aquamarine Necklace out to dinner.  hmmm what should she order?

birthday girl in Maybelle Necklace {a Lucia K original no longer available}

prego belly adorned in Faye Knotted Ball Necklace.  yummy mommy in red skinnies, so stylish.

please keep sharing your styling pictures with us!

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happy wednesday.



What I Wore {Event Edition}

Sometimes when I think about Spring...special events come to mind. For the past few years there have been plenty of opportunities for my husband and I to go to some sort of fundraising auction supporting some a specific cause. There is one in particular we try not to miss...Run To Win is a great organization doing awesome things for kids in the Greater Seattle area through sports (and I really love sports). Also, we just really enjoy the people we get to go with, which makes the night even better.

This year, Run To Win asked us (Lucia K.) to donate some jewelry to the silent auction. I'm proud to say that it went for more than what we priced it and all the proceeds went to this great cause. The high light was most definitely watching this younger guy stand by a specific piece and instantly out bid anyone who would try to out bid him. We asked him why he was so intent to which he replied, "Mother's Day...and this is the perfect gift!"

Back to WIW... every day for me is a Lucia K. day. I really don't leave the house without some LKJ on. It was great to be able to point people toward the auction items when they asked about my jewelry.

Gap Dress (Fall 2011), Target Snake Skin Pumps (Spring 2012)

even though there's ruffle and a zipper down the front of the dress, the Faye added the perfect touch of simplicity. The Alison earrings and the snake skin pumps added just enough flare to fit the style of the evening, not too dressy, but not too casual either. I'm not usually a pump girl, but these treated my feet well the whole entire evening. 

A little Lucia K. goes a long way!

Ali {for Lucia K.}


quick beauty boosts {self tanner}

so on my recent sun-filled vacation, one of the most alluring parts was getting a sun-kissed glow.  however, two things kept me from complete indulgence, reading this article on the plane-ride down {oops or perhaps perfect timing} and being of the age where I can see wrinkles beginning on my face.

who doesn't love a good tan though!  and really, what a great way to give yourself a little boost, for those lucky few who are blessed with porcelain skin they can pull of the Nicole Kidman look, but the rest of us don't feel so flattered in pale right?

I did enjoy the sun, but with some thought...spf for face and body, sunhat, sunglasses, at times a shade umbrella.  it was in the high 90's!  {I know kind of a low spf for body, but my husband and I don't tend to burn and it was only for a couple hours at a time, that is my excuse}

these are my fave tanner tricks, to keep the skin-cancer and wrinkles somewhat at bay...

on the low end - Nivea Sun-Kissed Radiant Skin.  I like that it is subtle, in fact, you may need to do a few days of application to get the right color.  and the smell isn't obnoxious for a self tanner.  and you can choose your "skin color".

on the higher end - Tan Towel.  these are towelettes, that you rub all over the area you want tanned, great for face too.  the color is great and there isn't streaking.  they are more pricey but quicker results for sure.  make sure you wash off the palms of your hands and in between your fingers after application.  

for some temporary shimmer and shine - Michael Kors Leg Shine to Go Classic.  love the shimmer of this product, and the smell.  it has that classic gardenia-esque smell of Michael Kors perfume.  I find its great for the neck, collar bone, shoulder area.  for that little extra glow.  the smell can be a little strong for the entire body though.

finally - all over shimmer lotion - Fresh High Noon Freshface Glow {high end} and Bath and Body Works Select-a-Shimmer {lower end}.  Fresh smells amazing and is sulfate, phthalate, synthetic dye and fragrance free.  which is much more important to me than it used to be.  B&B is the classic from growing up right?  in fact, I haven't tried the select-a-shimmer packaging, I still have my old version.  love the sweet pea smell and the amount of shimmer is perfect for that summer wedding. 

or at the very least, add in some golden Tags for a touch of glow.

so those are my tricks.  and living in the Pacific Northwest, goodness knows we need them.  our summer days can't be beat, unfortunately they fleeting.

happy monday.



what I wore vegas

literally every day in vegas I wore a white shirt, I love white.  I think the heat and lack of sticky dirty kid fingers grabbing at me constantly, I packed all my favorites.  which is a bit ironic, considering I am just as messy as my children most of the time.  sorry if this post is a bit redundant.

outfit #1: dinner date at Fix in the Bellagio {delicious!!}

pictures were quick snapshots on the iphone, hence the closed eyes and funny face.  oops.

tank top - Weston Wear, Queen Anne Dispatch
jeans - Pilcro and the Letterpress, Anthropologie {old but faves}
shoes - Cole Haan
earrings - Lucia K jewelry {on sale!}
bracelets - Lucia K. Jewelry Monogram Collection {and a new leather wrap not on the site yet!}

husbands shirt - Tommy Bahama

outfit #2: happy hour dinner at Segundo del Sol {good cheap eats}, show: Mystere Cirque Du Soleil, followed by dessert at Society at Wynn.

So what I failed to realize about Vegas, is that the "cooler" night time temps drop down into the mid 70's!  wow.  I packed mostly jeans for evening.  it was hot.  luckily we had a giant mall across the street to save the day.  So I stopped at Forever 21 and picked out some short little shorts for my Vegas tour and swapped my jeans into the bag.  when in Rome right...

my new hip sg's!  and my monogram bracelets, I wore one with a "P" and one "R" the whole weekend.  helped me keep my boys close, I missed them so, despite the fabulous time I had.

tank top {white and silk, for sure only when kiddos aren't present} - Anthropologie
shorts - Forever21
sandals - Frye, endless.com {old}
earrings - new hand-painted chevron chain earrings {what do you think?}
bracelets - Lucia K Jewelry Monogram Collection.  and the leather wrap prototype.  

husband's shirt - Tommy Bahama
shorts - Hobie
sandals - Rainbows

{chevron earrings and XXXL chocolate cake} 
the end.

have you entered to win a piece from the new Monogram Collection?

also, use code pearls25 to receive 25% off, order for mothers day by 5/3.  

Happy Wednesday.