week 37 . pregnancy stripes

I've been seriously missing in action, just growing this small (will probably end up being large) child. The weeks have slipped by and my outfits consist of leggings, a long tee and my hair pulled back...which has meant very unexciting pictures.

This week was different. Remember these pictures? Remember how I hoped to transition from cheap maternity dress for the early weeks to cheap tee for the later weeks. I am now at those later weeks...just in the home stretch.

I'm at the pregnant point where people stop and stare when I walk by or insist on commenting "is that baby come soon or what?!" Which I never know how to respond to because I'm not sure they are actually asking or if they are just stating the fact that I'm large. Either way, my response is usually, "I know right, I'm getting pretty big...any day now!"It's the best I can do to put on a smile and keep on walking...

I can't stay locked up in my house, I'll be doing that the first week (or more) of this kid's life just so I can catch enough zzzz's. Either way, my husband planned a date night last night (thank you!) and we headed out to a quiet dinner and a stroll along the waterfront. It was a great night...just warm enough without the long sleeve, sunsets, fro-yo and pictures to boot!

maxi skirt: GAP (non-maternity)
top: XXI
shoes: Seychelles 
earrings: Tag

Thanks for taking part of this journey with me (in part) I'll be back next week with another post, assuming I haven't gone in to labor :)


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