love is in the air. {Valentines around our home}

diy love sign

after halloween, and having young children who are so excited, and want to help, with every single holiday, big or small - they don't discriminate.  I find myself wanting to not miss a single excuse to get festive.  could also be her influence.  regardless, I am excited for each holiday I get to experience through their young eyes.  even though it means answering "mom can I have a valentine candy?"  at least 20 times a day.

so here is a little bit of what February in our home looks like...

wrapped wire sign, diy, love
completely underestimated the amount of time it would take to wrap yarn around this wire.  I am pretty proud that I persevered and finished actually.

because 4 and 5 year olds love sparkly heart garland.  and so do 30 somethings.

tulips spotted at Costco.  cherry hearts and cinnamon lips from whole foods, and seriously I could eat these all day long, they are even better than the ones made with artificial stuff, something about colored with beet juice takes them over the top.  and that makes them healthy right?  

our rainy day activity.  yes we had rain!  thank you Michaels.  best $4 spent last week. 

our love bird.  and after 5 months, I put my plant in a pot!

I heart ranunculus.  

I happened to have a fantastic aged terra cotta pot, so in they went with a few other lovely reds to keep them company, topped with a wire heart.  to me - a front door greeter that makes me smile every single time.  lets hope I can remember to water.
love catchers.  to capture all the love sent down from those we love in heaven.

hmmm.  somebody should wash my windows.

diy wrapped wire hearts
and the screens while they're at it. 

diy valentine decor

really hoping to make some chocolate truffles this week and frosted sugar cookies, and send out valentine cards.  oh my goodness I just realized I haven't anything planned for the boys to hand out as valentines.  crud.  the story continues.  what do you think?  

hope you have a lovely start to your week.



  1. i love ranunculus...favorite flower ever. that planter reminds me of one more thing you could teach me...gardening. miss you, can't wait to see your cute house. xoxo

  2. love this kirst.
    And will have to check whole foods for those valentine treats. Yum.

  3. I'd love to know more about the hearts as catchers...did you make those or were they a purchase? Thanks!

    1. kristi - we made them, just use some pliers and tie wire from the hardware store and michaels yarn. it was a bit tricky for my little boys to wrap them around the curves, so we used a little gluestick to make them sticky first so the yarn would stick. and some patience. was thinking it would be fun to do shamrocks or easter eggs with some ombre yarn...