the golden gorilla jacket and wrinkles. {what i wore}

I love this jacket.  I don't love this outfit.  

But I'm posting this one anyways.  I'm not excited about this outfit.  Don't we all have those days, when we don't love what we are wearing.  I will completely admit, that my outfit, or how I feel about my outfit totally reflects my mood and confidence.   for better or for worse.  

Also, I admit, I almost upgraded my picmonkey to edit out those wrinkles.  I even previewed what it looked like to do a little eraser on the face.  It is really amazing what a little airbrushing can do to those lines.  wow.

but I am too cheap.  and I, although YES I obviously choose my best, most flattering pictures to share, am trying to be really real and me.  We are so critical of each other and more so ourselves.

I really love this quote "don't compare your behind the scenes to somebody else's highlight reel."  right?  its hard, and shocking to believe, I have this many wrinkles.  I look at those laugh lines {such a better term than crows feet, seriously} and I am shocked.  But today I am just going to go with that those are there because I have laughed, a lot.

And lost a lot of sleep, from two darling children.

And have many wonderful memories playing outdoors in the sunshine.

And should probably drink more water.

And I am lucky enough to be getting older.  Today would be my moms 56th birthday.  Man I would love to see the wrinkles on her beautiful face.

jacket - Anthropologie
tank - Target, {oldie, similar}
jeans - DL1961, Piperlime
boots - DV, Nordstrom
necklace - Lucia K. Jewelry

My husbands darling grandpa is 92 years old and his kidneys are failing, this is the last days of his life.  His wife is sleeping at night with him, snuggled in his hospital bed, after 71 years of marriage they still can't be apart.  His children have hardly left his side.  Many friends and family are loving and praying for him.  He has many wrinkles, they tell the story of an amazing legacy, of a life lived and a dearly loved husband, dad, grandpa, friend, man.  Gosh we love you Grandpa Duck.

linking up with pleated poppy today for what i wore wednesday.  Photos by Angie.
thank you for checking out what I am wearing, and listening to what is on my heart today,


  1. You're definitely aging well! Such a hottie.

  2. Beautiful! I too have felt the need to airbrush out those wrinkles. As I'm finishing these last few months of my 30s I find myself just posting selfies of my kids & I together on Instagram with wild abandon (without photoshop). As I want my kids to see these pics someday & recognize their mama in them. Not some airbrushed lady the've never met in person ;) sending love vibes to you & your husband's family. What a wonderful way to go out with all your loves by your side!

  3. You're are gorgeous. And you hold your own very well next to someone, like Kate Middleton :) Still think of that Pinterest fluke and how wildly popular your "laugh lines" have become! Keep smiling friend. Hoping for good days ahead.

  4. beautifully said, kirst. i love your heart. : )