its not my motorcycle but it makes my boots look cool right?

is anyone else feeling like this has been a really long week?  

I have always loved fridays, the anticipation of the weekend ahead.  at this stage in my life fridays look a whole lot like skillet pizza and big bowl of popcorn, happily squished on the couch with my little pj clad wriggle worms and my best friend, watching either robin hood or wallE {the only thing that stops them from wriggling}, and considering it a small victory if I stay awake past 10 o'clock.
its pretty awesome.  

my outfit - do you know the Old Navy rockstar skinny jeans.  they wear so well, this is my first pair, I am amazed at how well they hold their shape and I love the choice of colors and the price.  if you are nervous of the skinny jean or colored denim, start here.  tunic, seen here and here, yep its a fave.  and my new moto jersey jacket.  here's whats great, its light weight jersey, hello socal solarvortex, I am having serious jacket envy from the rest of the country.  and I bought my favorite booties in black since they are now 50% off.  seriously.  thank you Jenn {yep she's blogging now} for the tip.  Lastly I layered in a bunch of gold necklaces and a pop of a cooler green color for the earring, all made by me but not on the website, I'm sorry I feel like a broken record with "not available yet".  what do you think?

curly hair

jacket - Anthropologie, {no longer available}
tunic - Free People, Nordstrom {no longer available}
jeans - Old Navy
booties - DV by Dolce Vita, Nordstrom
lipstick - Nars, Nordstrom
necklaces - Lucia K. Jewelry 
earrings - Lucia K. Jewelry

similar pieces...

photos by Angie.
what's your friday night movie of choice?



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