what's up weekend.

Honestly this week has been challenging for me.  I am thankful for this 3rd {!!!} weekend in July, that we are all together, healthy and experiencing life.  This is how I am going to try and soak it up this weekend.

First, this but on grilled pizza tonight. 

Cheers with a rhubarb collins.  I was so excited to find rhubarb at my local Whole Foods, the checker thought it was celery. 

One more look through the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale during movie night - hello WallE.  Look here for some of my favorite picks.  
Saturday morning definitely will start with a cup of cold-brew {I'm obsessed, post coming soon} and snuggling in our favorite blanket {yay sample sales!} while reading The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.  Oh my gosh its so good, I want to keep reading.  Can I get an amen to a book series that we all can enjoy.

Maybe another batch of s'mores pie, wishing I could sub these smoked chocolate chips.  Holy Moly.

a date night in these jeans, they are amazing.  Yes to mid 70's and not a degree higher you hear me!

And if my kids can go two more nights with no accidents {yippee!}  we will go see Planes Fire and Rescue.  And I'm stoked, both for no more pull-ups and to see this film, and because I love a good animated flick.  Just saw How To Train Your Dragon 2, darling.

Going to start this book for book club.  Because we are getting together next week, each making a recipe for book club.  Then, in August I plan to eat at Delancey in the beloved Seattle neighborhood of Ballard, but I'm getting ahead of myself...

I really want to do this with my instagram pics of my family, but probably not this weekend.  

And I will do laundry, I will.

or maybe we will just go to the beach.

shirt - Madewell {similar different color}
shorts - Forever 21
scarf - vintage
shoes - Dolce Vita, Shopbop.  on sale, and I LOVE them.
earrings - Lucia K. Tag

photos by Angie.

Happy Weekend.


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