leg-warmers for your arms, no-brainer.

being a child of the 80's leg-warmers have a very special place in my heart, so naturally I think hand-warmers are the bee's knees.  They work so well with this coat with its slightly shorter sleeves, but I am challenging myself to find other ways to wear them...  AND they will warm your heart too, because this company just makes the world better.

and of course don't forget the rockstar jeans.  just don't.  they are inexpensive and hold their shape just as well as the designer jeans in my closet.  I love them for jeans that I don't want to make an investment in - like burgundy.  I am holding out for plaid like these. 

coat - Zara
shirt - Nordstrom, old
jeans - Old Navy {30% off with code "earlybird"}
shoes - Rag & Bone, Nordstrom
handwarmers - Krochet Kids
sunglasses - Warby Parker

would you like to win these hand-warmers?...

Have you entered 100$ giftcard to Krochet Kids?  

photos by Angie.
Happy Tuesday.


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