oh the places we go...

Angie and I were walking and we came across this insane cactus.  There are so many crazy plants in our beach town, mother nature is wild here.  Coming from the Pacific Northwest where everything is soft *think moss-covered* and lush and green, I am fascinated by the flora here - it's harsh and vibrant and sort of prehistoric right?  

So it seemed fitting we should photograph here, with these amazing plants.  And sometimes {or most of the time}, its literally...stand next to this cactus, in the street, in this neighbors' driveway, abandoned lot, alley, neighbors' yard, gas station.  Oh the places we go, just down the street. 

And the way my shirt sleeve detail mimicked the cactus, I mean really, isn't it fun?  We had no idea until looking at the pictures later.  Sometimes it just works out like that. 

vest, which is actually a dress - Anthropologie
shirt - Free People {similar}
leggings - Nordstrom {similar}
boots - Rag & Bone, Nordstrom
hat - Knit by my mother-in-law

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photos by the amazing Angie.
Happy Wednesday!


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