blush is back

blush trenchcoat

Or did it ever really leave?  I was reading the March issue of InStyle magazine and blush tones were everywhere.  And kimonos.  Both trends I am super excited about.  I kind of think of this as my kimono trench, and its so perfect for california in the winter.  I mean yes, this is winter.

nude booties

lightweight trenchcoat

layered bracelets

Also, I have worn these jeans over and over and over.  I can't get enough of them.  And I have been embracing the messy hair look a lot.  

jacket - Collection O2, Queen Anne Dispatch
tank - C&C California, Queen Anne Dispatch
jeans - Bleulab, Queen Anne Dispatch
shoes - Anthropologie
nail polish - Butter London, basecoat and color
bracelet - Lucia K. Jewelry

photos by Angie.


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