Ordinary Outfit Monday.

I was going to call this post "Hataholic" but I couldn't decide if it should be "Hatoholic" instead.  Regardless, I love hats.  They are the best way to call yourself "put together" and "chic," "hip," " cool" "fashionable"  whatever it may be when really you are...."hair way passed un-washed," "super frizzzzzzz,", "serious roots, need to schedule an appt", or maybe even please don't talk to me.  What, never!

And hats are easy, swear.  If you are unsure, get a simple one, with a little bit of brim, a little bit of flop - not too much that you have to work to wear it.  A neutral color is great if you have a lot going on in your outfit, or if your outfit needs a boost - go for your favorite colored hat.

Then just throw it on, toss it up.  Really the messier the hair the better.  And its SPF.  Which is being responsible.

There are a few moments I'm still not totally sure on, like church?  Is it disrespectful?  This is hard to gauge for me since people on occasion are barefoot.  It is a beachttown.  So I just decided it's ok.  Any thoughts?

The rest of this outfit is super easy for me.  Bobi t-shirts are my favorite, I own at least 5, even in multiple sizes.  Because some days you want to slouch and some days you want shoulders back.  These jeans are borderline too tight so I let the side seam out, and ended up with a tuxedo stripe.  Some days I like, other days it's too much.  The boots, once photographed I didn't love them with this outfit, not sure what I should have done instead.  Some days you win.

hat - Nordstrom {sold out}
t-shirt - Bobi Clothing {available in other colors here.}
sweater - Anthropologie {old}
jean jacket - Ralph Lauren {super old!}
jeans - Free People {similar}
shoes - Anthropologie
lips - MAC Red, Nordstrom

some of my easy and inexpensive hat choices...

Photos by Angie.
Happy Hat Monday!



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  2. Amen sister wear your favorite church hats! They blend and people behind you can see:)...Just don't let your guys show up in their favorite ball caps;) Dress codes are silly! Glad you're trendy and fun.