perfect white sweater, jeans that don't stretch out, and great shadows but talking sunglasses, go figure.

oversized white sweater

Through writing this blog, I am discovering many patterns in myself, well I probably already knew most of them.  I have to laugh at how often I obsess over things, in this case sweaters.  And when I tend to fall upon the one I have been wanting at a price I am willing to pay, its the new favorite in the closet.

This one is no exception.  Would you believe me when I say I've been hunting for a slightly oversized white sweater for over two years?  This was my best attempt previously.  I had given up, stashed the idea in the back of mind, and was hunting at Nordstrom for the perfect bulky dark colored cardigan, {perhaps this one?  don't get me started!  I live in socal, what am I thinking?!} and I stumbled upon this.  My husband thinks he's on to me.  Really though, oversized + white = bulky in most cases and not flattering.  I don't like sweaters that have the seams in the middle of your upper arm, how its that ever a good spot for a big seam?  And if the sweater is light colored, the knit pattern has to be right on.  I'm not mentioning the other criteria because I am starting to embarass myself.  

To get to the point.  I found the one.  And now it is on sale.  Did you know if you have purchased something recently from Nordstrom and it goes on sale, you can call and get a price adjustment.  

So now maybe I will have to buy it in light gray.  kidding.  sort of.

One last thing, these jeans are so good.  They literally do not stretch out.  The brand is DL1961, they are an investment well worth it.  These were scored on Hautelook.com, thank you to Jenn who alerted me just in time, they were 63% off to be exact.  It is so worth signing up for their emails for when they have designer denim sales, and you can return to Nordstrom Rack if they don't work.  

curly hairstyle, white sweater

oversized aviator sunglasses

red lips

how to style moto jeans

white sweater

Ok, just one more thing.  Because I just assume everybody knows these things and I sound silly but I suppose sometimes you don't?  Or if you do its okay to tell you again...Nordstrom Rack is online now and it is a great place to find sunglasses at a steal.  Like these Kate Spade oversized cat eyes I adore, 64% off.  And the luuuuusted after Tom Ford's for 50% off, I like these better.  Tod's aviators, 75% off.   Kenneth Cole Aviator for 24$.  Too dangerous, I've got to stop.

how to wear a white oversized sweater
sweater - Hinge, Nordstrom {on sale!, runs large, I am wearing an xs}
jeans - DL1961, Hautelook.com {just a few left}
shoes - Cole Haan {oldies, similar, also these.}
glasses - Michael Kors, Nordstrom {sold out, similar here 68% off, what?}
earrings - Lucia K. Tag, do I ever wear anything else?  sometimes!

some of my favorite styles from DL1961

and because I'm just feeling it tonight, here are some great moto jeans...

hmmm, do I sound like a broken record?  I would love feedback on what you think.  Go ahead, I can take it.  It's friday.

photos by Angie.


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